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The Changeville Podcast

Welcome to the Changeville podcast, the first podcast focusing on social changemakers in music, comedy and the arts. Every episode of the podcast will feature members of the Changeville team interviewing artists and changemakers, diving deep into their work, showcasing how they are at the forefront of changing our world.

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Interview With Shauna Healey

Interview with Chelsea Carnes

Interview With
Michael Claytor

Panel: “The Other”: De-Othering Through Art


Panel: Storytelling & Social Change

Panel: Using The Arts To Inspire Environmental Change

Interview with War On Women (2018)

Interview with Ian Harvie

Interview with Living Colour

Interview with Stereo RV

Interview with War On Women

Interview with Tunde Olaniran

Interview with Ricky Kendall

Interview with Trapdoor Social

Interview with Joshua James

Interview with

Andrew McMahon

Panel: Focusing On

The Environment

Panel: Storytelling And

Social Change

Interview With

Brandie Posey

Interview With Moon Hooch

Interview With Amy Ray

Interview With David Bazan

Interview With Big Sam

Interview With Big Freedia

Interview With Ahmen