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Your Early Bird Ticket includes:
-General Admission entry into Changeville music, VR, film and comedy showcases
-Exclusive invitation to Changeville’s Secret Show Series (Dates & Times To Be Announced)
-A VIP early line-up announcement. You’ll be the first to know who is playing Changeville this year!

Last year Changeville artists included The Mountain Goats, Charles Bradley, Hooray For The Riff-Raff and more! Get ready, because this year’s line-up is going to be stacked! Early Bird tickets are both discounted and in very limited quantity, so don’t wait to click the image above and get yours!

Are you interested in offsetting the carbon footprint of your travel to Changeville? Click here for more information.

Welcome to Changeville!

With the mission of cultivating connections between artists, influencers and activists, Changeville is a festival that showcases and connects those who use music, comedy, film, virtual reality and storytelling as a vehicle to drive self-awareness and social change.

Held in partnership with frank, a community of changemakers who gather each year in Gainesville, Florida and share a common goal of creating positive social impact through the use of strategic communications, Changeville is where artists and activists who believe in a better world meet.

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Welcome to the Changeville podcast, the first podcast focusing on social changemakers in music, comedy and the arts. Every episode of the podcast will feature members of the Changeville team diving deep into an artist’s work, showcasing how they are at the forefront of changing our world as artists.

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