Welcome To Changeville

Set among the coffee shops, music venues and tech companies that define the city’s downtown, Changeville, presented by frank, draws on the energy and innovation of Gainesville’s growing technology and media culture. Screenings, exhibits and shows are open to all moviegoers and music lovers. Everyone can be a citizen of Changeville.

This music, film, virtual reality, storytelling and comedy festival is the intersection where passionate filmmakers, digital media innovators and musicians cross paths with professionals who build movements and drive positive social change.

We invite you to experience the art of the talented changemakers who electrify the streets of Changeville. Hear their music, see their work, feel the change.

It is part of the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications’ annual frank gathering, which brings together public interest communicators dedicated to using strategic communications to drive change.

Changeville 2016 took place on Feb 25-26 (check out our lineup), but we are hard at work on next year’s event and can’t wait to share details as they come. Please check back for more in the coming months!

  • “I had two conversations tonight that made me want to keep going and keep building. thank you Changeville & to my new Gainesville friends” - Hurray For The Riff Raff
  • “What an amazing show!!” - Alise Vick
  • “ Best concert of the year, easily. I lost my voice seeing Charles Bradley. Can’t wait until 2017!” - Brandon Telg

Getting Here